Antique Restoration

IMG_20130217_082004 IMG_20130217_082102 photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

Tarnished brass sculpture that had broken off of its base.  Restored, polished and repaired

IMG_5722 IMG_5723 IMG_5721 image (32) image (29) image (31) image (30) image (33)

Hand-painted armoire door panel that had broken in half;  Repaired and restored paint


This is an antique, late 19th century fire grate that was completely rusted and water damaged.  This series of images depict the condition of the firegrate when we obtained it, as well as the restoration progression:

IMAG0108-tile P1070233-tile 20130127_005211-tile

...To the right is the photo gallery of this beautiful fire grate fully-restored, all original hardware.  Stunning brass and stainless steel complimented by the cast iron fireback can once again be enjoyed as it was over 100 years ago.

A hand-crafted teak bowl repaired & restored to its original beauty

In addition to rug fabrication, installation & repair, RugMaster offers antique restoration services.  Because of the unique requirements of each job, please contact RugMaster for a quote.  


Please view the images below for some samples of recent projects: